United Royals Japan 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

United Royals Japan 2014

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I do not know what United Royals is…is that terrible? Haha. I actually heard about this event awhile back but really had no idea who ran the event until just recently. The name sounds cool but not very Japanese at all so there were early indications that it was not an event put on by Japanese locals. After some further misguided research, I somehow managed to discover that it was an event that was themed towards USDM car culture, hence the name “UNITED Royals”. Furthermore, it was also an event that was organized by a friend of mine, Ross from JSPIRIT in Hawaii. The show was geared towards the USDM car culture enthusiasts in Japan and had a very “Hawaiian” feel to it. Of course, I didn’t really learn all this until I actually invested 5 minutes of my time into looking it up on Instagram, haha. Sorry, I’ve been…

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